Iveth Figueroa has been with ACWC since 2011 almost directly out of MA school!  She is the Medical Assistant for Dr. Parks and Dr. Forte,  as well as our Disability Specialist.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the laboratory procedures and policies (this is a very important skill!).  She is very reliable, so when you ask her for a Disability form, Return to Work Letter, Doctor’s excuse, or Prescription/test “Prior Authorization” you can rest assured it will get done in a timely fashion. Although she hasn’t started a family of her own yet,  she gets her “baby fix” with her new infant niece. 

Debbie Webster-Jaggers has been an ultrasound technician for more than 10 years.  Her strength in evaluation of fetal anatomy comes from the many years of scanning high risk pregnancies with various perinatologists in the San Gabriel Valley.  She became known to ACWC when she came to Dr. Parks as a patient in 2011.  After recovering from the birth of her second daughter, we asked her to join us and now she has been integrated to all aspects of patient care.  Her sweet disposition makes her the perfect fit in our family-oriented practice.