Almost any Tylenol brand over the counter medication is safe to take during pregnancy. Try to avoid taking ibuprofen during the pregnancy. Below we have provided a list of common symptoms along with "over the counter" medications that we believe to be safe to take during pregnancy.




Any Tylenol product including extra strength Tylenol

Fever (you should call if your fever is over 100.4)


Tylenol, extra strength Tylenol, Tylenol cold, Theraflu, Dayquil (please do not take Nyquil)



Robitussin DM

Nasal Congestion


Sudafed (only after the 1st trimester), nasal saline

Sore Throat


Tylenol, throat lozenges



Claritin, Benadryl



Tums, Rolaids, Tagment, Zantac



Imodium AD



Colace, Milk of Magnesia

Yeast infection





Eat small frequent meals keep well hydrated, sipping iced water, lemon juice, barley water, or whatever you can manage. Ginger products are helpful such as "ginger chews"



Regular exercise. Drink 6-8 oz of non-caffeinated beverage every 1-2 hours while awake. Increase fiber in your diet: whole grain breads and cereals, freash fruits and vegetables



Avoid constipation and straining with bowel movements. Try Witch Hazel wipes, warm soaks, Preparation H. Tucks, Anusol



Eat smaller, lighter meals more frequently. Avoid fatty, spicy foods and drinks with caffeine. Do not lie flat for 1-2 hours after eating. Try drinking chamomile tea.

Varicose Veins


Avoid wearing stockings with elastic bands. Support hose of nylon may help. Don’t sit or stand in the same position for more than one hour at a time. Do not cross your legs. Lie down to rest occasionally and put your feet up. Walking and exercising may help.



Maintain good posture. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. Use a footstool under your feet when sitting. Wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes. Massage or heat may relive pain. Try pelvic tilt exercises and prenatal yoga. No heavy lifting-use good body mechanics when you lift anything; squat down and use your legs to lift, do not bend at the waist.

Swelling of ankles & feet


Exercise, especially walking, helps. Keep legs raised when sitting. Do not stand or sit for long periods of time-if sitting get up and move around every hour. Do not cross your legs. Decrease your salt intake and increase the amount of water you drink during the day.

Leg cramps


Stay well hydrated. Take a walk every day. Avoid getting too tired. Eat a diet high in calcium and magnesium and talk t your provider about taking a magnesium supplement. Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed. avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time.

Broad and round ligament pain


Feels like sharp twinges/muscle pull usually on the right or left side of lower uterus. Treat with heat and Tylenol. Support your abdomen with pillows when side-lying.



Rest during the day with legs raised. Take and afternoon nap whenever possible. Eat a nutritious diet, high in protein, fruit, vegetables and whole grains, low in sugar and processed foods. Take prenatal vitamins.

Vaginal discharge


Wear cotton or cotton-lined underwear and change them as needed. DO NOT douche during pregnancy. If discharge is caccompanied by a bad odor, itching or irritation, talk to your provider.

Eye irritation or changes


Try wearing glasses insetead of contacts. The shape of your eyes may change due to hormones and increased fluids in your body.

Bleeding gums


See a dentist as soon as possible. Brush gently with a softer toothbrush and floss daily. Eat foods high in vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables.



Stay well hydrated. Avoid perfumed soaps and lotioins. Try changing your soap or using less. Blot your skin dry with a towel rather than rubbing. Take warm baths with baking soda.